Speed RC Boats- Where the Thrill is

When we talk about speed remote controlled boats generally known as RC boats one thing that comes to mind is the particular performance and the handling of the boat, the configuration of the hull has a huge impact on the overall performance of the boat, when it comes to speed we talk about the Deep-Vs configuration which is one of the main 5 hulls.

Deep-Vs are the most popular hull style for boats designed mainly for speed i.e. Speed RC Boats. These boats have a Deep-V configuration because as the name states the hull is a deep V shaped. This type of hull helps strake for improved stability and cornering ability important to help the boat absorb the impact of bigger and rougher waves or water current also they are the best if you’re a beginner speed RC boat hobbyist.

Speed RC boats are all the rage of the RC toy experience. They come in a wide range of forms. As their popularity soars it however should be kept in mind that the idea of toy boats isn’t exactly new. Toy boats though toys are famous with all age groups but are pro to the male sex. So, mainly the question is that, how is it that the speed RC boats have continued to grab the attention of so many people, regardless of age or skill set? It is because speed has always been an enigma associated to the male figure then whether it is cars or small boats the main factor is speed.

Speed RC boats are there for a very long time; a normal RC speed boat can go as fast as 25 to 45 mph and is about 72x37x18.5cm or more in size and has distance of 100 meters depending on the type or model of the boat. Speed RC boats are more popular with the intense boat hobbyist whereas the avid toy boat collectors lean more towards building and designing their own sailboats and cruisers.

This hobby not only ends with the keen fascination with RC boats for their specific skill of sailing on water but the attraction of assembling and spending time in that. The idea of building an RC boat with own hands is to take them to competitive races and by winning a trophy, shield or a ribbon on their hard work these hobbyists feel proud of their handiwork. Some hobbyists who cannot spare the time and patience to build their own boat can simply buy RC boat kits which come in 3 types of models for every skill level which is Almost Ready to Run boat kits, builder’s-kits which are to be made from stretch and Ready To Run boat kits. Besides it being a hobby, building a boat can be a great bonding time for a father and son or even an Uncle for that matter.

If you want to build a speed RC boat but do not have much time for it then, ARR or almost ready to run boat kit is for you, these kits only require minimum time in getting assembled. A good example of ARR kit speed RC boat is Kyosho blue streak, which only requires you to install the nitro engine and put the batteries in controller and it is all ready for its maiden sail. On the other hand if you have a passion for the hobby and have had enough time spent with speed RC boats, you would like to have your hands on Builder's kit which require all the assembling done from the scratch. The assembling of this kit require special tools which you will have to buy separately and along with that it will require your focus and determination. The ready to run or RTR speed RC boats are for you if you do not want to spend any time in assembling but want to hit the water as soon as possible. RTRs are good for the beginners and give good taste of the hobby right away.

When you’re choosing an RC Speed boat despite your skill in boating, always remember that there is a boat available just to fit your needs or personality or you could even say pocket, the price range starts from about 25 to 30 USD and onwards, depending on the boat and its qualities. You can make your choice depending upon the power source the boat can have i.e. gasoline engine, electric motor or Nitro engine. However don’t be fooled by some one saying they all have the same speed because, they have the speed range from 20 to 55 mph, depending on the power source. Also; like clothes RC speed boats come in various varieties such as war ships, pleasure yachts, cruise ships, vintage racers, sailboats, tug boats, and fishing boats.

RC speed boats are a craft in themselves, it might be right for you and it may not be, but one thing is final it’s a whole lot of fun, and though you may not feel the wind in your hair when you’re riding it, I assure you the speed will thrill you nonetheless So once you have bought your own speed RC boat all you’ll need is a nice cool day and a good body of water. Then you can enjoy hours of fun time speeding your boat across the waters.

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