Large RC Boats -The Real Power Boat

Large RC boats have bigger engines than the small nitro boats so they are physically larger in size. An average large RC boat is around 40, 45 inches some go as big as 2 meters in size. Having a large RC boat is bound to turn heads when you show up with it at a racing event at the lake or even an old fashioned boat competition. The noise that the boat makes in the water, the water being thrown up as it moves forward just adds to the realism of the boat, plus it’s a great spectacle to watch the boat jump in case there is a chop in the water. Large RC boats are very common and the reason for that is the fact that:

-firstly the engine is much easier to maintain because of its larger size and the upkeep is less costly than that of the smaller RC boats

-secondly the engine is readily available if the need arises to change.
-third but not the least if a replacement of a part is needed all one needs to do is to go to a decent tool shop or a motor spares shop instead of ordering the part from the specialist hobby store or from the manufacturer.

A large RC boat comes with a full function control just like its smaller counterparts; it too can be raced out into the open water, like a lake or a large pond, because of its large size it’s counted as a professional RC racing boat and usually has large torsion propellers with special speed controls. Large RC boats can go up to as much as 40mph. They come with professional High-capacity rechargeable batteries with an out door operating range with 300 feet and more or less according to the capacity of the boat. The best thing about these larger boats is that it comes with an approximately 30 minutes playing time with each charge unlike its smaller cousins which only have around 10 to 15 minutes highest play time.
The average length of a Large RC boat is about 42inches with a width of at least 15inches a boat this size will usually come with a battery of 12V 450 0mAH Ni-CD. Whereas RC airplanes and cars tend to get the popular vote, there is another area of RC which is just as much fun. Large RC boats provide a totally different experience than that of the micro, mini or regular RC boats on many different levels. There are boats for everyone from performance fanatics, casual sailing fans, to those who adore the comprehensive runabouts of past years. The aesthetics are more vibrant in these larger models because of the extra space on the boat and because of its size it’s more obvious. Anyways besides the beauty the other things to take into consideration are the battery life of these boats and the fuel power along with the decision to get a ready to run model or other.

When you plan on driving your boat, a big decision to make is whether to go with a fuel powered boat or an electric one, and taking into consideration that some communities have a noise ordinance it prevents one to use a boat that is fuel powered because it makes so much noise. At that time an electric boat would deem to be a better choice instead of a fuel powered one because it will allow you to enjoy your boating without making the excessive noise. On the other hand if you must have a fuel powered boat, remember that it too can use batteries.

Large RC boats are a lot of fun, because of their size but they are also a lot more expensive than mini or regular RC boats, plus building a good sized RC boat will set you back about 700 USD and more, buying a ready to run (RTR) large sized boat will cost you anything from 150 USD to 500 USD. So it is your preference, you can either run a scale model or a non-scale one, but keep in mind that getting a scale model will need you to but a kit because it will be modeled from a real boat unlike the RTR boats that come with the kit.

However it is always important to understand how your boat system works, if you want to get the most out of it. Large RC boats are more prone to the advanced RC boat hobbyist because they tend to require more knowledge of RC boating, plus it is always safe to practice with the small toys before you go on to get the bigger ones. That said always keep in mind that whenever using a radio controlled transmitter for your Large RC boat always keep the antenna fully extended by failing to do so the range of the system will be severely reduced and you will lose control of your boat very quickly.

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