Cheap RC Boats

Cheap RC Boats- Economical Way of starting the Hobby
For cheap RC boats; electric remote control boats is the choice, it’s cheaper to maintain and operate, as compared to gas powered remote control boats. Cheap remote control boats can have a price tag starting from as low as 20 dollars. There are vendors that would give you discount if you buy more than a single boat at one time. Not only electric RC boats are cheaper than the gas powered RC boats. It is easier to run as well as require less maintenance.

For cheap RC boats, plastic is the material which is taking place of the wood, metal or alloy, plastic is much safer and light which is not a choice to have it in collectibles where as wooden or metal ones are kept as a show piece. One of the things that adds costs to remote control boats are the batteries of the remote control to communicate with the boat at a frequency that is usually 75 or 25 Hz, it is used to control the rudder and engine/motor speed of the boat. Batteries are also required to power the boat which moves its way through the waters. Another alternative that could be seen to reduce the cost of batteries is that to have a wired remote control to the boat, but it is unpopular due to the restriction of movement. Another concept could be that the power could be provided to the boat through some kinetic energy, but this type of boat would not be much efficient and would not last that long on water. Hobbyist who do not find speed much of a issue would find remote controlled sail boat a good choice since the boat is using the energy of the wind to maneuver it self through the water. But for that you need to take out your boat on a good weather. Too much wind and your boat would lie flat on the water or no wind means the boat will not move at all.

Cheap RC boats are a great way to combine work and play for the kids. They serve the purpose of being educational toys and develop quite an interest in them. A cheap remote control boat is not heavy on the pocket and kids learn a great deal from it.

Cheap RC Boats- Smart way to deal with hobby costs

Cheap RC boats may not have such fine detailing that is found on other polished wooden boats but cheap remote control electric models have reduced the noise and pollution altogether which is present in gas powered RC boats. Electric RC boats have low maintenance costs as compared to gas powered boats and are also reliable to start in cold or humid weather where gas powered would be cranked up and bring up frustration when you plan to have fun. Although the electric remote control boats are not meant for racing but with the new technologies becoming available these electric powered boats are improving speeds.

A good variety of cheap RC boats can be purchased over the internet, websites which offer online retailing, whole sale products or refurbished items. Zig-zag racers are a lot popular these days for low cost boating fun.

The cheap RC led boats usually do not give more than 10 minutes of run. Other than that, it would not be as long and wide in structure because that would add cost not only to the ship but also to the power it needs to move itself through the water. It would be compact in design

This entry level boats can run at a speed of 15 to 25 miles per hour, you need to make sure that there is enough wide open space for the boat to run at such speeds. If you need another alternative to cheap electric RC boat then you could go for nitro remote control boat which would cost you around 400$ which is still cheap. Expensive ones that are sold at a price of about 1000$ are those boats that are powered by gasoline. But still nitro fuel is more expensive than gasoline which is damaging in the long run.

When you are sailing a real life boat it is very easy to maneuver it since your inside it and you can easily steer your way where as with the remote control if the boat which you are controlling change its course and starts moving in some other direction than your headway, you need to know that the right and left action of the remote control will now be opposite. Some times new hobbyists get confused when they try out for the first time. You need to devote some time to get a grip over the maneuverability otherwise you can destroy your cheap rc boat and in the end it will be expensive when you buy a new one.

Cheap RC boats have spare parts easily available to replace incase anything is broken or you might opt for replacing the entire boat altogether part by part. Mainly cheap boats are imported from China to the world because of their low manufacturing cost.

RC Race Boats- For Speed Lovers

RC boats are the boats which can be remotely controlled with the help of radio control equipment. Usage of such boats is on the rise as these boats offer many advantages which are as under:-

a. Safety of the operator.
b. Greater maneuverability.
c. Easy control while remaining on the coast.

How RC Race Boats Work?

RC race boats have been a phenomenal development by the sports enthusiasts. Have you ever wondered that how it works and what are the basic controls? Well this post tries to explain the basic mechanisms of RC Race Boats. RC race boats use different types of engines to propel the boat. The power is used to drive the boat using aircraft propeller, jet propeller or jet to provide thrust to the boat. Typical Radio Controlled Race boats will have a multi-channel radio transmitter in the hands of the operator with a corresponding receiver in the boat. While changing the position of the joysticks on the transmitter signals are sent over to two separate channels on a single radio frequency. On the boat, the radio receiver is connected to two battery powered electric motors. Signals from the radio transmitter are interpreted by the radio receiver and translated into instructions to change the position of the battery powered electric motors. One such electric motor controls the amount of air fuel mixture for optimum performance, while the other controls the depth or angle of thrust of surface piercing propeller.

Types of RC Race Boats Propulsion System:

Such boats normally three types of propulsion systems. They are as under:-
a. Fast Electric system. RC race boats have the capability of achieving a maximum speed of 50 mph and remains running for 10 mins on average.
b. Internal combustion engines.
c. Steam powered engines.

RC Race Boats and Different Courses

RC race boats have been used lately for the racing purposes. They have been actively involved in many styles of racing. Different types of racing include courses of varied shapes in water with buoys/ floats. The most common of them is 1/6th mile oval course which has 330 meters straight sections and 70 meters turning. Another popular course is Straight A Way (SAW) racing. In this particular course you are asked to operate your boat at the maximum speed in a straight trail. Another interesting course includes the operators controlling their boats from a following boat so as to gauge the fastest of all the competitor boats. These races are normally organized on calm lake waters so as to ensure safety of the boats and their operators as well.

RC Race boats are the latest application which has gained rapid popularity amongst all the fun loving sports enthusiasts and this craze is going to stay for a long time to come.

Gas RC Boats-The real thing

'Gas RC boats'-the term can be a cause of misunderstanding as nitro powered remote control boats are sometimes called gas powered RC boats while, if we speak technically, they are powered by nitro methane fuel. A gas RC boat uses two cycle or stroke gas engine and it is quite similar in design to the engine present in the normal tools used in gardens for instance trimmer and edger. Gas-powered RC boats are usually bigger in size than the nitro powered boats because the engine of gas boats is physically larger in size.

Bigger boats are always center of attention and catch the eyes at the lake or pond. The real groaning of the engine, the smell of gasoline, the beautiful wake and the water splashing because of the speed all together make the beauty, and the scene is enhanced to amaze people when your boat jumps on water while making its move. The engine of such boats comes to be a lot cheaper to work and maintain in longer run specially if you are going to upgrade it and the gas engines are always readily available. They run low on gasoline as they require a low cost mix of oil and gasoline as compared to high cost nitro methane required for nitro rc boat engines. Gas Rc boats use engines with simple starting mechanism of pull string and are quite simple to maintain too. The revolutions per minute for a big gasoline engine are lower than a nitro boat engine and that is why the gas engine parts last great deal longer which makes it more reliable. Even if a certain part fails, it can be replaced with ease as all spare parts are readily available in the market.

7 Reasons To Buy a Gas Powered RC Boat
1. Gas powered RC boats are cheaper as compared to other versions of RC boats like electric RC boats and Nitro engine powered RC Boats.

2. Gas powered boats are easy to maintain even by a domestic user.

3. Gas powered boats can be operated by anyone starting from a school going boy to an old man.

4. Gas powered boats are cheaper as far as refueling is concerned, while other versions are either propelled by expensive fuels or short lived batteries.

5. Gas operated boats can achieve an average speed of 45-60 mph depending upon the operator.

6. Gas operated boats provide an easy propulsion as it utilizes a unique weed eating motor which sails it through easily.

7. Gas operated boats are best suited for competitions.

Safety precaution for a Gas Powered RC Boat
1. If you are to operate your boat in an area where there are other RC boats in operation, must check your radio frequency. Make sure that you are not operating on a frequency that is already being used by another hobbyist.

2. Must do a range check. Once you desire to check your transmitter and radio controls and verify that they are operating correctly, must have an assistant stand at a safe distance from the boat and then turn on the radio transmitter.

3. While your assistant works the controls, make certain that the electric motors are receiving a signal and operating properly. If you get a good signal during your test, with the antenna collapsed, you're not likely to get into problems when your gas powered RC boats are on the water.

4. Never operate your gas powered RC boats around swimmers.

5. Never operate them in close proximity of real boats.

6. Never operate RC speed boats without some sort of recovery system. Do not swim yourself to retrieve a boat in dangerous or frigid water as your life is much precious then a RC Boat.

7. Whenever operating any RC model boats, including gas powered RC boats, you should switch on the radio transmitter first (before you switch on any receivers) and then subsequently it should be the last thing you switch off.

Gas rc boats are the real things out there for serious hobbyists. Though you can start up with a smaller size electrical propelled rc boats which are easier to maintain. But gas powered rc boats are the ones to go after when you require something closer to actual rc boats.

Speed RC Boats- Where the Thrill is

When we talk about speed remote controlled boats generally known as RC boats one thing that comes to mind is the particular performance and the handling of the boat, the configuration of the hull has a huge impact on the overall performance of the boat, when it comes to speed we talk about the Deep-Vs configuration which is one of the main 5 hulls.

Deep-Vs are the most popular hull style for boats designed mainly for speed i.e. Speed RC Boats. These boats have a Deep-V configuration because as the name states the hull is a deep V shaped. This type of hull helps strake for improved stability and cornering ability important to help the boat absorb the impact of bigger and rougher waves or water current also they are the best if you’re a beginner speed RC boat hobbyist.

Speed RC boats are all the rage of the RC toy experience. They come in a wide range of forms. As their popularity soars it however should be kept in mind that the idea of toy boats isn’t exactly new. Toy boats though toys are famous with all age groups but are pro to the male sex. So, mainly the question is that, how is it that the speed RC boats have continued to grab the attention of so many people, regardless of age or skill set? It is because speed has always been an enigma associated to the male figure then whether it is cars or small boats the main factor is speed.

Speed RC boats are there for a very long time; a normal RC speed boat can go as fast as 25 to 45 mph and is about 72x37x18.5cm or more in size and has distance of 100 meters depending on the type or model of the boat. Speed RC boats are more popular with the intense boat hobbyist whereas the avid toy boat collectors lean more towards building and designing their own sailboats and cruisers.

This hobby not only ends with the keen fascination with RC boats for their specific skill of sailing on water but the attraction of assembling and spending time in that. The idea of building an RC boat with own hands is to take them to competitive races and by winning a trophy, shield or a ribbon on their hard work these hobbyists feel proud of their handiwork. Some hobbyists who cannot spare the time and patience to build their own boat can simply buy RC boat kits which come in 3 types of models for every skill level which is Almost Ready to Run boat kits, builder’s-kits which are to be made from stretch and Ready To Run boat kits. Besides it being a hobby, building a boat can be a great bonding time for a father and son or even an Uncle for that matter.

If you want to build a speed RC boat but do not have much time for it then, ARR or almost ready to run boat kit is for you, these kits only require minimum time in getting assembled. A good example of ARR kit speed RC boat is Kyosho blue streak, which only requires you to install the nitro engine and put the batteries in controller and it is all ready for its maiden sail. On the other hand if you have a passion for the hobby and have had enough time spent with speed RC boats, you would like to have your hands on Builder's kit which require all the assembling done from the scratch. The assembling of this kit require special tools which you will have to buy separately and along with that it will require your focus and determination. The ready to run or RTR speed RC boats are for you if you do not want to spend any time in assembling but want to hit the water as soon as possible. RTRs are good for the beginners and give good taste of the hobby right away.

When you’re choosing an RC Speed boat despite your skill in boating, always remember that there is a boat available just to fit your needs or personality or you could even say pocket, the price range starts from about 25 to 30 USD and onwards, depending on the boat and its qualities. You can make your choice depending upon the power source the boat can have i.e. gasoline engine, electric motor or Nitro engine. However don’t be fooled by some one saying they all have the same speed because, they have the speed range from 20 to 55 mph, depending on the power source. Also; like clothes RC speed boats come in various varieties such as war ships, pleasure yachts, cruise ships, vintage racers, sailboats, tug boats, and fishing boats.

RC speed boats are a craft in themselves, it might be right for you and it may not be, but one thing is final it’s a whole lot of fun, and though you may not feel the wind in your hair when you’re riding it, I assure you the speed will thrill you nonetheless So once you have bought your own speed RC boat all you’ll need is a nice cool day and a good body of water. Then you can enjoy hours of fun time speeding your boat across the waters.

Large RC Boats -The Real Power Boat

Large RC boats have bigger engines than the small nitro boats so they are physically larger in size. An average large RC boat is around 40, 45 inches some go as big as 2 meters in size. Having a large RC boat is bound to turn heads when you show up with it at a racing event at the lake or even an old fashioned boat competition. The noise that the boat makes in the water, the water being thrown up as it moves forward just adds to the realism of the boat, plus it’s a great spectacle to watch the boat jump in case there is a chop in the water. Large RC boats are very common and the reason for that is the fact that:

-firstly the engine is much easier to maintain because of its larger size and the upkeep is less costly than that of the smaller RC boats

-secondly the engine is readily available if the need arises to change.
-third but not the least if a replacement of a part is needed all one needs to do is to go to a decent tool shop or a motor spares shop instead of ordering the part from the specialist hobby store or from the manufacturer.

A large RC boat comes with a full function control just like its smaller counterparts; it too can be raced out into the open water, like a lake or a large pond, because of its large size it’s counted as a professional RC racing boat and usually has large torsion propellers with special speed controls. Large RC boats can go up to as much as 40mph. They come with professional High-capacity rechargeable batteries with an out door operating range with 300 feet and more or less according to the capacity of the boat. The best thing about these larger boats is that it comes with an approximately 30 minutes playing time with each charge unlike its smaller cousins which only have around 10 to 15 minutes highest play time.
The average length of a Large RC boat is about 42inches with a width of at least 15inches a boat this size will usually come with a battery of 12V 450 0mAH Ni-CD. Whereas RC airplanes and cars tend to get the popular vote, there is another area of RC which is just as much fun. Large RC boats provide a totally different experience than that of the micro, mini or regular RC boats on many different levels. There are boats for everyone from performance fanatics, casual sailing fans, to those who adore the comprehensive runabouts of past years. The aesthetics are more vibrant in these larger models because of the extra space on the boat and because of its size it’s more obvious. Anyways besides the beauty the other things to take into consideration are the battery life of these boats and the fuel power along with the decision to get a ready to run model or other.

When you plan on driving your boat, a big decision to make is whether to go with a fuel powered boat or an electric one, and taking into consideration that some communities have a noise ordinance it prevents one to use a boat that is fuel powered because it makes so much noise. At that time an electric boat would deem to be a better choice instead of a fuel powered one because it will allow you to enjoy your boating without making the excessive noise. On the other hand if you must have a fuel powered boat, remember that it too can use batteries.

Large RC boats are a lot of fun, because of their size but they are also a lot more expensive than mini or regular RC boats, plus building a good sized RC boat will set you back about 700 USD and more, buying a ready to run (RTR) large sized boat will cost you anything from 150 USD to 500 USD. So it is your preference, you can either run a scale model or a non-scale one, but keep in mind that getting a scale model will need you to but a kit because it will be modeled from a real boat unlike the RTR boats that come with the kit.

However it is always important to understand how your boat system works, if you want to get the most out of it. Large RC boats are more prone to the advanced RC boat hobbyist because they tend to require more knowledge of RC boating, plus it is always safe to practice with the small toys before you go on to get the bigger ones. That said always keep in mind that whenever using a radio controlled transmitter for your Large RC boat always keep the antenna fully extended by failing to do so the range of the system will be severely reduced and you will lose control of your boat very quickly.


Mini RC Boats

Mini RC Boats are Fun Hobby:

Mini RC (remote controlled) boats are a popular branch of the RC toy craze along with the RC cars and Planes. Mini RC boats are smaller versions of the RC speed boats, though bigger than the micro RC boats. They are about three times larger than a micro RC boat and three to four times smaller than a regular RC speed boat. Mini RC boats are ideal for cruising in the swimming pools or larger ponds required the water is calm and there is not a great deal of current. They are a good choice for first time boat enthusiasts and come in a different variety of styles and colors sometimes along with small sailormen figurines for kids to play with; their size allows them to be played with inside the bathtub as well as small swimming pools and even inflatable swimming pools.

The average battery charging time on these boats is approximately 5 minutes or less, some boats take as less as 45 seconds to charge with a run time of about 10 minutes. Play time varies according to the type and quality of the boat, where minimum playtime is 6 minutes and higher than that is 15 minutes or more, like I said depending on the make and quality of the boat. Compared to the RC speed boat a mini RC boat has less mileage around 15 mph or a little more than that, most of these boats come in various different frequencies which makes them ideal for multiple races on a good day out with family and friends. Since these boats are built for a calm body of water so it is advisable that you not take them out into the open ocean or out to the beach, because there’s a possibility you might not see them again. The good part is that these boats usually come with built in rechargeable battery just like your cell phone.

If and when you feel like you want to drive a boat but you do not have access to an open water space like the ocean or a lake then, a mini RC boat is the best option for you. Since minis are smaller than other boats you have more advantages, because even with the small size they have much of the same attributes that the bigger boats have. You will find that they have about the same features, handling and performance characteristics like one of the larger RC boats. These boats are also available as the ready to ride boats which require very little preparation time. They are less expensive and a lot more economical also they are a little easier to handle especially if you’re a beginner.

When thinking of buying a mini RC boat always keep one thing in mind, buy one that runs a dual, rechargeable battery power source and offers up to at least 12 to 15 minutes of fun as opposed to other remote controlled boats which last only 7 or less minutes after charging; since it’s less expensive you can buy two of them. Considering the fact that mini boats can be driven in swimming pools and bathtubs, so if you need to get your boating fix in a jiffy all you need to do is take out your kit.

Mine RC boats are a great source of fun for people, whether they're practicing their marine dexterousness, steering around pylons, taking a pleasure cruise, or learning navigational skills, they can get hours of fun playing with their radio controlled toy. For an even happier experience buy more than one mini RC boat and enjoy a fun filled day with your family and friends by setting up a floating pylon race course and setting obstacles along the race to make it more and more fun even if you’re just cruising your boat along the pond or the pool you can teach your kids boating etiquette by designing realistic shipping lanes.

Mini RC boats are a good toy for parents and kids as well as other adults of the family. Besides being smaller in size they are a lot more safer than an RC plane or car, because no matter how much they try your kids can’t run around with it inside the house and break your wife’s precious lamps, So once you have purchased your own RC mini boat all you’ll need is a nice cool day and a peaceful body of water; then you can enjoy hours of entertainment sailing or racing with your friend, that is if your friends have it too, otherwise they can always make paper boats just for the fun of it. In conclusion having a RC mini Boats can not only be fun for hours of enjoyment it can also be a source of educating your children about physics and velocity of speed and as I said earlier the etiquette of sailing.