Mini RC Boats

Mini RC Boats are Fun Hobby:

Mini RC (remote controlled) boats are a popular branch of the RC toy craze along with the RC cars and Planes. Mini RC boats are smaller versions of the RC speed boats, though bigger than the micro RC boats. They are about three times larger than a micro RC boat and three to four times smaller than a regular RC speed boat. Mini RC boats are ideal for cruising in the swimming pools or larger ponds required the water is calm and there is not a great deal of current. They are a good choice for first time boat enthusiasts and come in a different variety of styles and colors sometimes along with small sailormen figurines for kids to play with; their size allows them to be played with inside the bathtub as well as small swimming pools and even inflatable swimming pools.

The average battery charging time on these boats is approximately 5 minutes or less, some boats take as less as 45 seconds to charge with a run time of about 10 minutes. Play time varies according to the type and quality of the boat, where minimum playtime is 6 minutes and higher than that is 15 minutes or more, like I said depending on the make and quality of the boat. Compared to the RC speed boat a mini RC boat has less mileage around 15 mph or a little more than that, most of these boats come in various different frequencies which makes them ideal for multiple races on a good day out with family and friends. Since these boats are built for a calm body of water so it is advisable that you not take them out into the open ocean or out to the beach, because there’s a possibility you might not see them again. The good part is that these boats usually come with built in rechargeable battery just like your cell phone.

If and when you feel like you want to drive a boat but you do not have access to an open water space like the ocean or a lake then, a mini RC boat is the best option for you. Since minis are smaller than other boats you have more advantages, because even with the small size they have much of the same attributes that the bigger boats have. You will find that they have about the same features, handling and performance characteristics like one of the larger RC boats. These boats are also available as the ready to ride boats which require very little preparation time. They are less expensive and a lot more economical also they are a little easier to handle especially if you’re a beginner.

When thinking of buying a mini RC boat always keep one thing in mind, buy one that runs a dual, rechargeable battery power source and offers up to at least 12 to 15 minutes of fun as opposed to other remote controlled boats which last only 7 or less minutes after charging; since it’s less expensive you can buy two of them. Considering the fact that mini boats can be driven in swimming pools and bathtubs, so if you need to get your boating fix in a jiffy all you need to do is take out your kit.

Mine RC boats are a great source of fun for people, whether they're practicing their marine dexterousness, steering around pylons, taking a pleasure cruise, or learning navigational skills, they can get hours of fun playing with their radio controlled toy. For an even happier experience buy more than one mini RC boat and enjoy a fun filled day with your family and friends by setting up a floating pylon race course and setting obstacles along the race to make it more and more fun even if you’re just cruising your boat along the pond or the pool you can teach your kids boating etiquette by designing realistic shipping lanes.

Mini RC boats are a good toy for parents and kids as well as other adults of the family. Besides being smaller in size they are a lot more safer than an RC plane or car, because no matter how much they try your kids can’t run around with it inside the house and break your wife’s precious lamps, So once you have purchased your own RC mini boat all you’ll need is a nice cool day and a peaceful body of water; then you can enjoy hours of entertainment sailing or racing with your friend, that is if your friends have it too, otherwise they can always make paper boats just for the fun of it. In conclusion having a RC mini Boats can not only be fun for hours of enjoyment it can also be a source of educating your children about physics and velocity of speed and as I said earlier the etiquette of sailing.

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