The Fastest Rc Boat

RC Stealth Speedboat

If this super fast RC Stealth Speed ​​Boat in the water first, it really gets going. The RC Stealth Speed ​​Boat can be operated with a remote control. It seems as if the RC Stealth Speedboat flying over the water. You just have to see with my own eyes.

The remote-controlled RC Stealth Speed ​​Boat is thanks to its sleek black design, a real looker. The RC speed boat can accelerate up to 30km / h. A true champion and a racing boat on the water.

The RC Stealth Speed ​​Boat has the same features as other expensive RC boats, but we offer it as a real bargain at. Saving not only money, but was the captain of this streaker and acquiring the control.

The RC Stealth Speed ​​Boat is powered by two motors and can be controlled easily. The RC Stealth Speed ​​Boat responds immediately to the Control Stick and the remote control can be easily operated with one finger.

Furthermore, there is RC Stealth Speed ​​Boat with a safety function. The propellers of the RC Stealth Speed ​​Boat shut off automatically when the boat is taken out of the water. Thus is avoided that someone can injure themselves on the rotating screws. The fast RC Stealth Speedboott has a range of up to 30m.

You can decorate the RC Stealth Speed ​​Boat individually, in which you are using the mitgelieferteten sticker. RC true fans will be delighted with this gem.

RC Stealth Speedboat controller

RC Stealth Speedboat

This black RC Stealth Speed ​​Boat Racing Monster has the following dimensions: 73cm long x 25cm wide x 13cm high.

Sinces RC Stealth Speed ​​Boat Rechargeable Battery uses batteries that are included. The remote controller requires 8 AA batteries, which can be purchased.

Dhe duration of the RC Stealth Speed ​​Boat is 30 minutes after full charge. The RC Stealth Speed ​​Boat has a frequency of 40Mhz. Get the fastest, cheapest and best speed boat to go home! What are you waiting for?

Properties of RC Stealth Speed ​​Boat
· Remote Controlled Speed ​​Boat

· Speed ​​up to 30km / h

· Elegant design

· Driven by two motors

· Safety feature: automatic shutdown of the propellers

· Range up to 30m

· Dimensions: 73 cm x 25 cm x 13 cm

· Rechargeable batteries (rechargeable) supplied

· Remote requires eight AA batteries (not included)

Rc Stealth boat


Rc boats

Boats, power boats, sail boats and submarines, there are many, from different manufacturers and in different price ranges on the market. For example, the WP MEGA DRAG STAR III is a remote controlled speed boat Graupner costs € 162 (there are at Conrad to buy) and an Atlantic Yacht RC Boat a speedboat an unknown company costs only 49,90 €. The ships are there with commutator motor, gasoline engine and electric drive. The average remote-controlled ships reach a Speed of up to 3.5 meters per second.

A couple tips on buying a remote-controlled ship or boat Speed:

  • Especially when buying a remote controlled vehicle you should be on the Range of the remote control . eighth I would never buy an RC vehicle where the remote control has a range of less than 80 meters.
  • Another very important point is the battery. It does not matter if one is for 15 minutes, the battery must be charged 4 hours drive. This is how the travel by ship is no fun. Especially for children who know how to have a little less patience.
  • For beginners I would recommend a boat with one or more electric motors. They're usually a little cheaper, and easier maintenance.
  • If you want to buy a speedboat and achieve high speed, pay attention to the shape and the housing. It must be extremely streamlined in order to reduce standing again.
  • Buy fast models for kids not for adults. They underestimated the things that can actually be dangerous if a child it serves.
  • It is always better the ship in a shop for RC cars to buy, there will be also consult the most good and with passion. Not save when buying, it's better, a model from a known brand to buy. China stuff is quite cheap, but usually a very poor quality, particularly in terms of your radio and battery.

So, I hope you enjoyed this article and you'll also have a couple tips to readers. Simply comment below with questions and experiences leave!